We have all been there. Loosing hours of progress because of a faulty memory-unit or even failed cloud-save. It is never a nice feeling. In fact, it is terrible. So what do you do when this happen? Personally, I become emotional for about an hour, then I take a deep breath, before considering doing it all over again. After all, if a game is worth revisiting, surely I would have started a new save-file either way, right?

This is where I believe talking about games, is another way to keep them alive and relevant. Video Games is probably my main hobby, as I love the immersion it offers through interactivity, which I can’t get similar experience from in other forms of media. I also believe this makes games diverse on a different level, due to the varied game-genre, different mindset for how to evoke player-immersion, or whenever a new style is implemented.

With this site, I simply wish to talk about titles in form of reviews, top tens, retrospectives or other form of articles I find relevant, because of my enthusiasm for it. Going in depth with a game’s design, legacy, development and every pixel I can comprehend, has never stopped my excitement for this media and I believe it never will. I previously wrote for LegacyOfGames with the owner, Casper, giving me a lot of important notes, suggestions, and help. This includes helping out with this site, as I am not a tech-genius.

So, lets talk about games!

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