My Top 12 Video Game Crushes ♀

Is it wrong of me to be more uncomfortable at making this list about female crushes rather than the one about males? Maybe it is because of how many “top sexy women” lists have been made, that I am more scared of objectifying women, or that I just found it easier to talk about male-crushes? I am not sure, but I want to clarify that similar to the male-list, this one is all about my silly crushes on fictional characters. Nothing more, nothing less. So come and get to know me better, or hopefully have another laugh at me! 

#12 Lara Croft – Tomb Raider


To avoid the obvious Playstation-in-puberty joke, I am just going to elaborate that I put in both versions of Lara Croft on this list: the female badass we know from before and the realistic, rebooted character. I do this, as I feel they complement each other and I find both leaving an equal impression on me. The original character is a badass with insane, over-the-top action abilities, has an obsession with treasure hunting, and does not back out of a fight with clever one-liners that I am a sucker for. However, the reboot takes a step away from the action-packed setup, and makes Lara become more human and real with clear emotions, yet still wants to explore the wonders this world has to offer. It is an interesting setup where you start out from different points, yet the goals intertwine. And I have a fondness for those seeking to know more about the world and either does so with confidence or through overcoming their struggles. Dark and long hair is also something I am weak for.

#11 Midna – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


A dark character with an intriguing mystery to her, Midna is my favorite companion in any Zelda-game due to her snarky and playful attitude, which is combined with an interesting backstory and character arc that involves realizing the seriousness of this world. I really enjoyed my time with her, as while I can rarely respond to what she is doing, listening to her felt just as warranted in order to learn more about her and grow a connection. I also simply love her mystical look and I can’t deny that I am a sucker for this kind of physique. With all that said, you might be wondering why she isn’t higher on this list. Because of the ending, where I question everything I knew about her. I will keep spoilers to a minimum, but she transformed into a completely different person, making me question if she was ever true to who she was, or if I was fooled. Still, I do treasure our adventure together, even if she treated me like an animal. Wasn’t too bad, honestly.

#10 Samus Aran – Metroid


Unlike most people, I got to know this badass bounty-hunter through the GBA-titles, instead of the “shocking” ending of the original NES-version. I am all up for a clear sense of strength in a character, showcasing his or her dedication to a noble cause, without thinking of what she might gain herself. That and including an impressive arsenal, combat-skills, and a keen eye for exploration, Samus Aran is one of the best known female protagonists for a reason. She might be rather strict and tough, except for one controversial title, but for a good reason: she does not take idiocy lightly and wants to save the galaxy and anyone she can. Strength can be severely attractive as it shows confidence, and Samus Aran definitely is a name that demands respect. The mystery created by being a rather silent character, also makes me easily intrigued by her. I would travel far beyond galaxies just to be able to witness her in action from afar.

#9 Aloy – Horizon Zero Dawn


Aloy is someone you really get to know over the course of her game, making her a hero who will quickly grow on you. While I found her intriguing from the start, as she is one to question how the world got started, she is really a character who goes the distance. She goes from someone being bullied and blamed for the problems of the world to a sort of warrior-queen who never loses her grasp on humanity. Always supportive and giving, but still strong enough to stand up for herself; Aloy is one of the more complex and strong female-protagonists when considering her start. I also can’t deny that I just love her red hair and unique voice that still sends chills down my spine, but how I got to know her and see her evolve, made her feel real and someone I shared real-time with. A force to be reckoned with, but also to learn from. 

#8 Tali – Mass Effect


Romances in Bioware-titles can be severely hit and miss to me, but those who are the strongest ones, really speak to me, and that is why one is on the #8 spot. Tali has just a lovely personality. While being young, untrained, and still exploring the world and her own self by mixing logic and emotions, you also witness her grow as a character, while still keeping traits of her strong personality intact, meaning she never loses herself. However, it is not just because of this, her mysterious looks, and that she is a confident and great co-pilot that I find her intriguing, but also due to the problematic relationship. Tali is a part of the Quarians, who have a weak immune system, making physical acts of affection severely dangerous or even deadly. This made the relationship intense and complicated to me, as I did not want to put her in any danger. Combine this with the excellent voice-talent of Ash Sroka, and you have one fleshed out character I want to be close to, yet makes me afraid of what this affection can do.

#7 April Ryan – The Longest Journey


And here is my first crush in any video game ever. From one of the most well-known cult-classics, The Longest Journey showed me how strong a story could be told through the video game medium, including portraying realistic characters. I really enjoy April as a person, as she can be fierce, angry, but never unwarranted. She is a young adult trying to recollect her life and when everything is turned upside down with vague answers, I really feel for her. This is an important factor in general for crushes to me: there has to be a form of connection between the player and the character, fake as it might be for some. I always felt for this character as she learned more, had to question the world around her, only to have more questions, making her into an intelligent and wise, young woman. Being a point & click, puzzles are a huge factor and I am always impressed to witness what ideas she might have, and while you are the one taking actions, you do so as her, making her a wise and impressive female role-model. Intelligence is sexy, and April clearly shows that in her philosophical journey.

#6 Bayonetta – Bayonetta


Now onto something lighter and in-your-face. Bayonetta 1 and 2 are among my favorite beat ‘em ups ever, and it has probably the most stylish character in it to boot. She has dark hair that she uses for magical abilities and her clothes, is a fun tease who takes no BS from anyone, has fantastic one-liners, and does it all with style and high-heels I would really die from. Compared to many others on this list, she is far from complex or deep, despite the flashbacks shown in the original, and while she has a good side to her, she also endures something that is important: simply having fun. While she knows when the moment calls for a fight, she is always doing it with a smile. Bayonetta leaves me mesmerized by her sheer style, class, and how she plays with her hair, and I am not ashamed of admitting that! Mostly.

#5 Palutena – Kid Icarus


Power and grace can get you far, but throw in the right amount of cynical humor and a strict tone, and you get the Goddess Palutena. It is one character that is far away from my reach and I totally understand that, but that is also why I fall for her. Her wisdom, her strength, beauty, even her voice, and playful tone, makes her appealing as a person, but also a force to be reckoned with, somewhat similar to Bayonetta. Through Kid Icarus for the 3DS and even the shorts, she is calm, collected, but also takes a moment of despair seriously, and her banter with Pit is just adorable, making me wish for almost a civilization-game staring her. She is even one of my mains in Smash Bros. simply because of how awesome of a character she is, and I will always do her bidding. I suppose you could say this is me rather praising someone due to her glory alone and while I will admit it is true, it is hard not to do so to a kind and wise goddess. 

#4 Celes – Final Fantasy 6 


Final Fantasy 6 contains some of my favorite characters ever and that also includes some of the strongest female protagonists, with Celes being one I simply admire. Celes was a general for the empire originally, but as soon as she shows uncertainty to their cause, she is held captive by them. Rescued by Locke later on, she decides to join the rebels and save the world. What makes Celes such an impressive character, is not just her strength through being able to use magic and sword-skills, or her sheer beauty, but also through her status. She takes on her roles seriously and rarely lets her guard down, but is never mean-spirited or off-putting. Feeling like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders, she takes the task seriously and thus feels it is hard to blindly trust anyone, even if their intentions are pure. She is also a character who goes through an arc that culminates in one shocking scene. After losing those she holds dear, you can see her fall into darkness, making her take actions that left a heavy effect on me that I would never let anyone do, but that I do sympathize with. Celes is one strong and complex character that leaves me stumped by her dedication and care, making me fall for her, but only wish to lend her a hand and never let my own wishes blind me. Despite how much I admired her. 

#3 Abigail – Stardew Valley


As a farmer in this beautiful world created by Eric Barone, I took the time to focus mainly on economic resources, with my main being farming for crops and mining ores. However, once I took the time to socialize with the inhabitants of this town, I discovered a lovely collection of people, with my favorite being Abigail. She is a lovely young woman who wishes for more out of her life and loves the idea of adventure, which is wonderful to see. However, she is not overly complex, but simple in a realistic way that I think is both calming and also lets you take the time to get to know her. I could say the same, to a certain degree, for the rest of the crowd, but I can actually play video games with this one. A girl who actually shares the same interest in video games on the same level as me, and even has a Chrono Trigger poster; THAT is a rare sight. And I won’t deny that her design is just beautiful and I love her purple hair. 

#2 Emi – Katawa Shoujo


This was such a bizarre title to hear about and even weirder to witness just how amazing it was. Katawa Shoujo is a visual novel that I embrace thanks to the fantastic writing and how heartbreaking and heartwarming it can be. Out of all the characters in this title, I chose Emi simply because she surprised me. I was originally considering either Lilly or Hanako, and while both are fantastic characters, Emi was the one I needed as the player and the in-game character. The main character has a poor heart condition and needs help exercising and dieting, which she is helpful at keeping him at. However, Emi also was a surprise to me, as I did not intend to go for her. Yet, by doing so, I did not just get to know her better, but also learned more about myself and, frankly, that I needed to take life in a more positive matter and smile more. Learning to embrace life through a fictional character was definitely something I didn’t see coming, but took to my heart! She is also fleshed out and interesting, missing the lower parts of her legs, yet being the fastest runner of her school. Yet, she has other struggles despite her playful tone, making her a character that felt real and one I wanted to spend time with until the end.

#1 Toriel – Undertale 


Are you still here so I can explain? If so, thank you! There are many reasons for why I have Toriel as #1. I love her bizarre interests in snails, her enjoyment for silly puns, and yes: I think she is beautiful in a unique way too. But I think what sells me the most is her heartwarming and mature nature. She takes you in with open arms and does what she can to keep you safe, even to the point where she takes action that is hurtful to herself. I love how strongly this is shown through gameplay, and with her even grasping that she does not know everything, it makes her a character I feel I can have a conversation with. She has clearly important thoughts to utter, yet is always willing to discuss them. Because of this, she seems like a character I would spend my life with, because there is a sense she is willing to see beyond her world, and she has a motherly love I haven’t seen in many characters in general. Also, she works as a teacher, so she has a fondness for knowledge and education, which I highly respect. A beautiful person in general, Toriel is one I would love to have a cup of tea with.

So Casper, now I shared my darkest secrets with the world in a bizarre way. Now, I would like you to share with me your emotional situations in video-games. When did an event leave you speechless, angry, sad, or just cry out of happiness? Emotional bursts clearly meant to happen by the game, such as a heartwarming in-game reunion. It can be story-based or gameplay based, with the only exception being rage-quits!

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