My Top 12 Video Game Crushes ♂

When Casper asked me to make a list of my top crushes in video games, I figured it would be hard to do so as I have rarely had crushes on fictional characters. However, as soon as I started giving this task a shot, I found out that I did not just have a couple of crushes; I had enough to make one list for each sex. I feel embarrassed to admit this, but at the same time, it is interesting to see how diverse my crushes were and figure out why I fell for them (in the most innocent ways). For this list, I will focus on male-characters, as it was the easiest one to finish. I should clarify that this is not about attractiveness or status alone. This is just a list of the most memorable crushes I have had, so take this as an opportunity to laugh at my expense or to learn about my odd preferences in fictional partners. Especially you, my dear sweet friend, Casper!

#12 Leon S Kennedy – Resident Evil 4


Pretty boys rarely do it for me. This is a personal preference (as this entire list will show you), but I have a hard time falling for those who are simply too cute or look younger than what they really are. One of the few exceptions to this is Leon S. Kennedy. He might not seem like much to speak of at first, but his actions definitely speak louder than words. He is fighting off the undead with everything he has in order to achieve his goals and does so with impressive strength and focus. A badass with a gun, cunning with clever one-liners that are incredibly corny, and his voice is done by one of my favorite DMs ever. It is cheesy and silly, but I can’t deny that I warmed up to him after the first scene of the game. While it won’t be any more than a crush on a pretty tough boy, it is still a crush that I am wholeheartedly admitting to. Honestly, who does not love seeing him fighting zombies?!

#11 Dante – Devil May Cry


I can’t deny my love for the dirty, urban lifestyle and “I don’t give a shit” attitude and any person who can do this with style. This is where Dante comes in, being the bad-boy from an era close to my teenage years. While I love his dark and unclean style, I get just as easily mesmerized by his slick combat-moves and cheesy one-liners that he shoots with a confident and cute smile. It really makes him into someone to admire and melt just a little bit for. Nowadays, I still love his bachelor’s life and how he swings that sword of his especially, but I can’t deny that he has definitely aged since the first time I met him. It is all about first impressions here, but they were severely strong and it still is not getting out of my head just how cool he was. Frankly, he still is somewhat cool.

#10 Victor Sullivan – Uncharted


I have a soft spot for adventurers in general. Taking life as it comes is far from an easy task, and to do so with still a heartwarming grasp on what life has to offer and shrug off the hurtful with humor, always tickles my heartstrings. For this, It was hard to choose between Drake and Sullivan, but the latter was simply my cup of tea. A stronger emphasis on maturity (to a certain degree) speaks more to me, and due to his previous experiences in treasure hunting, makes him also someone I can easily rely on. Not to mention, his gentlemanly charm, charismatic tone to anyone he encounters, and making smoking cigars seem legit classy, adds to his style and confidence. He is definitely from an older generation, but can clearly still keep up with the younger audience and still takes my breath away.

#9 Garrus – Mass Effect


Mass Effect is a series that is still close to my heart, despite how terrible Andromeda was. Nothing can take away the moment I got to venture through galaxies with some of the best comrades I have ever journeyed with. While I usually want to play as a male character and make one as close to me as possible, I understand that everyone has a preference and heterosexual characters are more present here. So, playing as a female character, there were a couple of dudes I wanted to get closer to and despite all having their strengths and weaknesses, Garrus is the one for me. He is hot-headed and cocky, but never selfish and cares for his companions. He is willing to listen before he dives headfirst into the action, making him someone I felt I had to have clear communications with, which in turn made me learn more about him as a diverse person. From there, he became more than just a friend or a co-worker. He became my copilot I can put my faith into. Also, he reminds me of a cute kitty.  

#8 Taiga Saejima – Yakuza 4


I will admit, while there are plenty of characters I do get really intrigued by in Yakuza, the crushes become rather short-lived and more about someone I adore. That is, except for Taiga of all people. This is a great example of how important it is to get to know someone in order to see them fully, as while Taiga definitely seems like just a strong character (which is already a positive start, I mean those biceps), doing the sidequests let me see his kind and safe side. Just having him help cats throughout the city, being still loyal to his family and honor, and never overstepping his boundaries, Taiga showed how complex a character could be if you just gave them a chance. That is why he still has not left my head. And man, is he ever glorious when fighting! Like a lovely, giant, muscular, teddy bear, who happens to work for the Yakuza, there is so much to this man. 

#7 Solid Snake – Metal Gear Solid

If you wonder why not Big Boss instead of this guy, I am just gonna say that while I find him a better character, Solid Snake was the first one for me. And you never forget your first. He had it all: combat-skills, a dark voice, witty one-liners, sincere dedication to a cause, interesting personality, and his name. You can’t honestly say the name and not be drawn into other thoughts, especially after reading this sentence. It is also the man who lives in a dangerous line of work, with tons of subjects being tackled, both philosophical and political, which is understandable when Kojima is involved. Basically, Solid Snake got all I want to fulfill my silly desires in a crush and that is what puts him on this list. Why he is not higher, is simply due to him being a solid stepping stone for what I usually fall for, with the world having more to offer. Still love this man and David Hayter has an awesome voice.

#6 John Marston – Red Dead Redemption


Dedication for the right cause is easy to admire, and while my love for Red Dead Redemption has dwindled since my first encounter with it, my love for John Marston still stands strong. I won’t deny that I do love a man with a scar, revealing a clearly difficult past, and a nice voice, but what really sells me to him is his love and dedication to his family. He certainly has been struggling to get where he is going towards, but never complains and does all in his power to achieve his goals. Maybe not to redeem himself necessarily, but to save those he loves, and I can get by that. This is no honorary goal, this is just about a man saving his loved ones by doing things he wished he would never have to endure. Dedication in the right way and never blinking away from his journey to see them again.  

#5 Locke – Final Fantasy 6


I am not a fan of most of the Final Fantasy titles and a lot has to do with the stories and the main protagonists. I rarely can get behind someone who is acting like a brat by complaining, whining, or just being downright annoying. However, all characters from Final Fantasy 6 I can say I enjoyed my time with, but if I had to pick only one male crush, it would be Locke. I simply love the backstory of his troubled loss,which showed me just how deep a character can be. Dealing with a journey for a goal is one admirable thing, but trying to make the world better due to a loss and feelings of hopelessness, makes him one of the most heartwarming characters I have ever met. He is definitely a gentle soul as well, seeking to help those he can, while loving the sense of wonder and adventure. It goes to show both his light and dark side, making him feel real and intriguing. And who does not want a thief (or a “treasure hunter”) on an RPG journey?

#4 Max Payne – Max Payne


Is pain sexy? Well, it can be. Portraying true agony and still coming of strong and human, is far from an easy task. Usually, they become either sappy or have it as their only personality trait, making me groan whenever I have to hear them. Not Max Payne, however. With his name being the obvious main-reason for my interest in this guy, Max Payne definitely displays the protagonist’s suffering with questionable decisions and struggles he encounters, and never letting go of his past. You could argue that this is about “me wishing to heal someone”, which could honestly be true. However, what makes me fall for him besides his dark voice, black hair, and noir-style attire, is how human he feels. There is something delicate, yet fierce about him, almost a form of mystery. Through this, there is a form of attraction to him because of how real he feels in his darkest hour. Like a piece of poetry, with tear-marks showcasing its life.

#3 Gabriel Belmont – Castlevania: Lord of Darkness


This is pure blind love and little else. I know I have talked in-depth of the others on this list, but Gabriel is the one I adore purely because of his concept. He is a vampire hunter in a grotesque world, with a whip at his disposal, dark hair, a dedication to honor and his love, and a beautiful voice. He is to me a combination of Dante and Solid Snake, with the gothic aspect I always fall for, no questions asked. There are certainly many male protagonists in the series, but Gabriel is the most masculine one and that also attracts me to him, due to his vulnerable side and questions about his journey. And for anyone who has played through his game or either of the sequels, yes; what happens to him is also an aspect I find too good to pass up. Gabriel Belmont is the true hero of the night and one I am at a loss of words to describe properly.

#2 Geralt of Rivia – The Witcher 


While Sapkwoski might not think highly of the interactive adaptations, I love them more than the stories they are based off. While there are certainly plenty of elements that make The Witcher one of my favorite trilogies of games ever, the main character is one I gushed over from the start. It was a crush at first sight, from how you could see he had endured physical transformation, learned the way of mythologies, and did what he could in order to make things right. He is a true neutral character done fantastically and one I always find myself fascinated with from his turn to mysterious ventures, his backstory, and, really, who he is. Seeing him in his adventures and taking choices as him, with either snarky or honest answers, I always felt he was a clear character that I got to know more and still kept as a mystery. Geralt had it all, an adventurer who does what he deems right, and one I find attractive both physically and mentally. Kinda like if Dante was intelligent, honest, and carried the scars of Max Payne or John Marston. How do you top that?

#1 Regal – Tales of Symphonia


With this guy. Regal is everything. He is the love at first sight, has a gorgeous voice, is a gentleman with honor who can be snarky and show intelligence, and goes so far with his dedication to his loss that he never uses his hand for combat! To avoid spoilers, I will say it is impressive reasoning that is very much understandable, and I simply love his backstory. He is my go-to guy, and always tries to do what he deems right, but never shuns others’ ideas. He acknowledges that he is still human, letting others come forth and is willing to sacrifice everything he has to do what is right. A diverse character I simply love to study, with impressive combat skills any fighter would be amazed by and, on top of that, he is a great cook. Regal was the character I tried to have most conversations with, learn more about, see him grow as a man, and, generally, dedicate time to, making him almost a strange obsession. That is why he is my number one, as I always feel embarrassed with all of these thoughts coming to my mind within a second of seeing him.

So these are my top personal crushes, where my picks are highly subjective. If you have any crushes yourselves, please do elaborate as this is just fun curiosity and healthy to explore in order to know yourself. As long as it is in a respectful and self-aware manner, of course. However, as you might remember from the intro, we are not done.

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